It’s Time To Speak Up!

Sister Patriot

They came for the Jews

Yesterday I saw outrage over the hideous Planned Parenthood story. I saw people on social media who usually keep quiet about any “touchy” subjects. They spoke out. Even if it was a small comment or just posting that undercover video, they did their part to educate. One acquaintance who has over 1,000 Facebook friends, posted the undercover PP video. I was pleased to see this as this particular individual never posts anything political. However, last night, I was saddened to see that only one person had commented on the video. One person! Today I’m even more saddened to see that this acquaintance has deleted that post altogether.

This is the problem. We have got to do our small part and speak up. We must. Many people don’t wish to speak as it might affect their business or their popularity. They don’t want to be known as the “crazy political…

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